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Cambray Computers Console Repairs

We are a Cheltenham town centre based computer repair company, we now offer a comprehensive console repair service. We fix all varieties of games stations, hand held devices and consoles.

We have a logic board rework station so we are able to reball graphics and processor chips when they fail due to excessive heat or thermal shock issue, usually signified by the yellow or red light of death on Sony and Microsoft games consoles respectively.

Call us on 01242 5395473 or 07814 182819 to discuss your repair needs. We have loan PlayStation and Xbox consoles you can borrow while we are fixing your machine .

Internet Synergy began life as an internet cafe in 2000, but we have more recently moved into computer and console repairs as the demand for public internet access has dropped off. We are now Cambray Computers, one of the only repair shops in Cheltenham offering a games console repair service which is done on site.

Call us on 01242 539573 for a quote.

How to find us: We are located at the end of Wellington Street near the Big Sleep Hotel. We are also near the cluster of estate agents such as Peter Ball, Andrews, Taylors, CJ Hole, Sure Let etc. We are next door to Bath Street Dental Practice. Click on the map for a street view.

We also fix laptop computers

Our Cheltenham based computer repair service has become very popular over the last few years. We offer very competetive rates, and we carry out most of our repairs in our shop, above Moss Books in Henrietta Street.

The majority of PC faults are issues with the operating system, thus generally a full Windows reload is the solution, this gives you full peace of mind that the system is running as it was when it was new. So if you have noticed a gradual decrease in your computers speed it is almost certainly time the machine was serviced. This involves reformatting the hard drive, and reinstalling Windows. We aim to have the machine back with you the same day.