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Public Internet Access - This Service Is Currently Closed

This service is now closed. Please refer to the local library for all internet and printing requirements. Alternatively Mail Boxes ETC in Winchcombe Street have a printing and scanning service. We have a couple of fast internet terminals for public use, print, scan etc, note colour printing is not always available. If you don't want the hassle of the local library with all their checks and restrictions, then you can use one our machines, all services are now £4.

We also offer a printing only service if you wish to email us (forward) your documents. We will print them for you at a cost of £4 for up to 40 A4 copies.

Please forward your printing to the email address below.

Internet Printing£4 includes 10 prints

Black and white printing. If you're using the internet to print then the cost is £4. This includes up to 10 sheets, 20p per sheet thereafter. Colour printing is not always available.

USB PrintingFrom £4

If you are printing from a USB device and have no need for the internet then it's £4 for up to 40 pages then 20p per page.

boarding passes£4

Booking flights or just checking in? If you need the internet for printing out plane tickets etc the cost is £4 for up to 10 tickets, this is 10% of what you will be charged at the airport if you print your tickets there.

Internet AccessFrom £4 for 1 hour

We have several terminals with internet access and printing/scanning facilities available for hire in our shop. £4 for up to an hour (minimum charge). You can print out 10 pages included in the price.

Other Services

Microsoft OfficeFrom £4 for 1 hour

Full suite of Office 2016 products available.

FaxNo longer available

We no longer offer a fax service.

ScanFrom £4

We scan your documents for £4 for 4 pages pages, then £1 per page thereafter. We can email your scanned documents or save on your USB stick.

Wi-Fi AccessFrom £4 for 1 hour

Join our Wi-Fi if you wish to bring your own laptop or tablet.