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Cambray Computers - PC & Apple Laptop Repairs


24 hour turnaround and 3 months warranty on most services.

Where possible please make an appointment before bringing in or collecting your equipment as the shop is not always open. We are located in Bath Streeet, Cheltenham, just off the main high street near Cambray Place.

Call us on 01242 539573 or 07814 182819 for a quote, any time of any day.
Please call or text the mobile if the landline is unavailable/engaged.

Windows ReloadsFrom £70

If your computer will not boot or has become extremely slow we will back up your existing data, reformat and test the hard drive and reinstall a fresh, genuine copy of windows and return it within 24 hours!. This is our most popular service, no wonder when the big retailers charge considerably more and take far longer.
Ask us about upgrading your Windows Seven machine, or upgrade to Windows 10.

Apple RepairsFrom £80

We repair all varaties of Apple computers and devices. Hardware and software as we do PC's. There will generally be a significant saving if you use us as opposed to an Apple authorised dealer.

We are currently no longer fixing ipad screens.

Virus RemovalFrom £40

We are able to remove almost all viruses, malware, spyware and ransomeware, ie the "Metropolitan Police Virus", however if it/they have corrupted the operating system it may need a system reload
(see above).

Data RecoveryFrom £80

In most cases we can recover data, we can even repair your hard drive if it contains some bad sectors, however if the drive is "clicking" we are unable to do anything with it here, it will have to be send to a lab with a dedicated clean room, this can be very expensive. We recommend you always back up your data.

Component Services

DC Jacks (& chargers)From £35 - most in stock

If your laptop charges intermittently then the jack is probably to blame. We also sell mains chargers if yours has failed. Original, genuine parts only.

KeyboardsFrom £60 - most in stock

If your keyboard has stopped working, we can fit a new one, sometimes same day.

Graphics Failure£100 - 3 months warranty

AMD and ATi chipsets are prone to failure, especially when they overheat. We have a motherboard rework station to fix this issue.

ScreensFrom £60 - most in stock

If your screen is cracked or the backlight has failed it will need a replacement. Fitted same day if it's a 15.6" LED.